Monday, June 8, 2009

Flight of Challenge (Rubbernecker Wacky Wed. #14)

Before Wacky Wednesday comes around for another week on the Rubbernecker blog I thought I would give last Wednesday's challenge a twirl.  As you can see from the little picture this was a color challenge.  I managed to find enough scraps of paper in the scrap boxes of the correct color, but reproducing those colors in an image was quite the challenge itself.  Photographing inside didn't work.  Using the scanner didn't work.  I finally went outside and got true colors(more or less) but now there is a strange shadow across the middle of the card.  I thought one of the swirls was showing through but there is nothing underneath those yellow papers that could possibly be making that shadow.  Having wasted enough time on that I finally gave up and uploaded it as is.

 Paper : unknown 
Stamps:  Rubbernecker
Embossing folder:  Cuttlebug D'vine Swirl
Ink:  Memories - black
Buttons:  Favorite Findings- Blumenthal Lansing Co.
Scrapper's Floss: Karen Foster (orange, yellow and lime green) 


  1. I think the photo of your card i fine and it shows off your wonderful use of the colors and images.

  2. Your photo is perfect as it shows off your colors and images perfectly.

  3. You are so right! You take the time to do a card and the hardest part is trying to take a picture of it. Your picture turned out great I love your card.

  4. You are so right. You spend the time to do a card and the hardest part is taking a good picture or it! No worries your card (and picture of it) turned out great, I love it.