Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flight of Celebration

Today is the birthday of the beloved member of the Fine Feathered Friends of Flamingos, Gummi Goomi.  Happy Birthday Gummi Goomi!  The card was made on time but it won't arrive for a few days so she and everybody else can enjoy it here. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Flight of Inspiration

Hope you enjoy the show.  A few years ago British researchers announced that the Monday of the last week of January is the most depressing day of the year. 
I found out that it was supposed to be the Monday of the second to the last  week of January or January 19 this year.  Maybe I'll get the date correct next year!
Just maybe these photos of summers past and energetic music will give you the energy you need to survive the day!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nearly impossible flight

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this aerial view of Machu Picchu.  The clouds only cleared for about 30 seconds so our hard climb up to the top of Huayna Picchu resulted in a brief but beautiful reward.  BTW, these photos(see previous post) were from November 2007.

 I was busy shopping for a birthday present for my father yesterday.  My mother suggested a green fleece sweat suit.  (Have you ever tried to find one of those, and besides who other than an elf or the Jolly Green Giant, would want one? )  In a spirit of compromise I found a green 1/4 zip top and brown bottoms.  Now he can dress as a tree, fitting for a forestry major don't you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First flight: Patience

Welcome to the first flight of the NW Flamingo.  Here is a photo of me, feet firmly planted on the granite of Huayna Picchu, my head in the clouds, waiting for a break in the weather.  No matter where you go in the world it is always a good idea to remind others of the Fiskars' slogan, "Practice Random Acts of Crafting". In this event I had to wait 30 minutes  for the result, not the completion of a craft project, but a chance to photograph Machu Picchu from this high altitude perch.  Your chance to see what I saw will have to wait.  Patience!