Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flight of Challenge (365 cards- Day 315(aka 314 part 2))

I wasn't going to do the 365 challenge today, but the challenge was based on an ad (see top photo) and all sorts of things started popping into my head so I went ahead and gave it a whirl. The windmill stamp (Scarlet Empress) came out of the drawer first. That stamp reminded me of a windmill I saw in the Black Forest in Germany years ago. There was no grass, so I had to add it with a stamp (Ann-ticipations). Not having a stool I cut off the back of the chair of the Mary Engelbreit stamp (All Night Media) "The Crab" along with the words. I used brads turned sideways to act as clothespins because I really wanted that 3-D effect of fabric being clipped onto a clothesline. The fence is a piece of paper punched from a Martha Stewart punch.
The sentiments (inside and out) of course were done on the computer. I'm not really sure what this ad was selling (the stool? the poster?) , but this makes a dandy get well card. You can click on the photo of the card if you want to enlarge it so you can read it easier.


  1. This is stunning! WOW! What an amazing project. Love all the details you've put into this and I must say I'm in awe!

  2. The 3d clothesline is awesome. This is so creative!

  3. This is unique with the clothesline and the words fit perfectly...