Friday, August 19, 2011

Flight of a closed door, day nine

Today brings us to the end of the Door ATC series. This one is called Door & Poultry. This all started on August 2, 2001 so you can go back to that post to see the stamp credits. I recently read that today only 16% of Americans are considered to be living in "Rural America". You don't know what you are missing living in the city. I have a black and white cat( and many others in a rainbow of colors) outside my door quite often. I've had a brown dog outside my door and a Dalmatian used to live across the street. There are horses and chickens next door. Pigs and cows live nearby. Quite a few hamburgers and BBQs are in the area. I didn't make an ATC with a peacock or an ostrich or a slug or a frog or a praying mantis outside the door, but I've had them all. I've lived in other rural areas and had deer regularly outside my door. Once there was a bear. Some days it's the Schwan's man at the door, or the Watkin's lady, or the Avon lady, or the "Church" lady or man. In years past I've even had a student asking for help with their homework! Grab a door stamp and create your own Door ATC series!

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